Getting Started

Welcome! We are honored that your family has chosen Adoption Resources & Counseling, Inc. to complete and partner with your family through the home study process. Adoption Resources & Counseling, Inc. is committed to providing you and your family with quality support, and we wish you much success throughout your home study and adoption process. Please take a look at the process below.

To make this process substantially easier, we utilized on online secure portal where you will access and complete all below mentioned documents.  Many of these items below can be signed digitally and your vital documents can be securely uploaded via portal access. The Portal will also give you real-time “to do lists” and a “completion tracker” so you can watch your progress along the way!

  • READY to GET STARTED: Please complete & email your Application to us at
  • Pay your  $100 Application Fee (via the “Make a Payment” link below)




Once someone has contacted you from Adoption Resources & Counseling, Inc. and approved you as an initial applicant of Adoption Resources & Counseling, Inc. complete the following forms prior to scheduling your first appointment with your caseworker:

  • Complete Criminal Background Clearances (this will include the following clearances)Local Criminal Background  (Sherriff’s office); GBI Check; FBI Check; 911 Call History (5 year history); Child Abuse Registry Request; Sex Offender Registry, Pardons & Parole History & Department of Corrections History
  • Complete “Autobiography” Form (one per prospective adoptive parent)



The following Forms will need to be completed.  These can be completed throughout the home study process, though please allow ample time to complete otherwise your home study completion will be delayed.

  • Complete “Medical Report” and/or “Pediatric Report” (Adults and any household members age 16 and up – use “Medical Report” and household members ages 0-15 use “Pediatric Medical Report”.
  • Please note labs required as part of an adults Medial Report – HIV, TB & Drug Screen
  • If you have seen a mental health professional in the last two years, a letter from this provider must also be provided (this letter must include the following topics: length of therapeutic relationship; reasons treatment was initially sought by client; topics addressed in therapy; diagnoses (if applicable); treatment plan; and the professional’s recommendation on your upcoming adoption)
  • Complete “Financial Form” 
  • Compile Supporting Financial Doc’s (include 2 most recent years’ tax returns pages 1 and 2 of 1040; include copy of lease, rental agreement or most recent mortgage statement; provide copies of all claimed assets (i.e. 401k, savings account, checking account, etc.)
  • Obtain Employment and Salary Verification ( a letter from employer stating employment dates and salary)
  • Reference Letters (4 nonfamily/1 family for each applicant = *A total of 5 Reference Letters must be mailed directly to ARC from the reference person).  If you have worked with children in the past 5 years, an additional reference letter must be obtained from that employer.
  • Complete “Gun Safety Form and Pool Safety Form”
  • Complete “Child Safety Agreement”
  • Complete “Guardianship Form”
  • Complete “Third Party Release” (this indicates who we have permission to release your home study information to)
  • Provide Proof of Medical Insurance Verification (i.e. copy of front and back of health insurance card)
  • Copy of Drivers License
  • Copy of Auto Insurance
  • If not a US Citizen, Confirmation of US Citizenship (show proof of passport, naturalization papers, Green Card)
  • Copy of Birth Certificate
  • If applicable, Copy of Adoption Decrees
  • If applicable, Copy of Marriage License
  • If applicable, Copy of Divorce Decrees
  • If applicable, Copy of Death Certificates
  • If applicable, Copy of Military Discharge
  • If applicable, Rabies Verification on all pets
  • Copy of Water/Sewage Bill or Sanitation Inspection
  • Picture of Household Members & Pictures of Home
  • Provide Address List for all residences in the last ten years


Please remember, your home study report and each supporting document within your home study must be updated every year (ex. each document expires one year from document date). If you will be requiring a home study update, please contact us at least two months before your home study report expires.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at 678-860-0849.

Mindi Elliott
Executive Director