Adoption, the gift that keeps giving!

Over the last twelve years of being involved in orchestrating both public and private adoptions, I have been so blessed to have watched individuals and couples become parents for the first time or all over again. Many of these families faced years of infertility challenges and hopelessness in their unique journies to have children and/or add children to their lives, only to end up matched with a child in their arms. All of these parents have concluded that though their journies and struggles seems immense at the time, they could imagine no other ending…. no other child in their arms. That sense of closure and complete happiness leaves them with an astonishing sense of peace and excitement for their new family. It is so inspiring to witness parents fall in love with their child/ren, and as well child/ren fall in love with their parents. I believe personally and professionally that matches are made elsewhere (almost magically, or for those of you who are believers…matches appear to come from above). Whatever you believe, one thing is for certain it is difficult to explain how when a match is meant to be all the stars aline. Please feel free to share your own adoption journey…………..

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