ADHD Parenting Skills

Parenting Skills for Children with ADHD:
1. Patience, Patience and More Patience:

The first and the most important key to raising a child with adhd is to be patient. Be at his/her level. He is not a typical child and will required greater amounts of focus and attention on your part. Please don’t forget this important fact.

He lacks certain abilities that you may expect in others. You are aware of this fact and will need to giving him love, care and attention. Without this approach, things will quickly go downhill.

Still if you scold him, taunt him, confront or spank him, the symptoms of ADHD usually become more profound rather than improving. At this point parents dealing with adhd become part of the problem, not the solution.

2. Become an Encourager of Your Child:

Don’t be someone who can drain the life out of your child. Be a friend to him. Make him feel comfortable; make him feel that the world is secure all around him.

Be open to him, be responsive. Let him tell you all his concerns and worries; let him share his so called secrets.

3. Stay in Touch with Him As Much As Possible:

Be with him. Give him your maximum attention. It’s usually the mother whom the child wants to see as the first thing in morning.

Wake him up yourself, greet him and speak to him respectfully. If going to school, help him prepare and try to drop him off at school and pick him up yourself. Make his lunch for him.

For children who are struggling in school, you may want to consider ADHD homeschooling. Many families have been able to overcome the problems associated with ADHD through homeschooling.

Give him time in afterschool hours. Read him a bedtime story at night. Give him your maximum time.

These things may sound like you are overdoing it, but these are the very things the help lower the childs anxiety level and build a bond between the parent and child. The rewards will be hugh as your child gets older, which will happen much sooner than you expect.

4. Give him a bedroom close to yours:

Younger children with ADHD usually have disturbed sleep or insomnia. They are often prone to have nightmares. You have to check in on him from time to time and provide comfort when needed.

5. Play, Eat and Study with Him:

An ADHD child desires to see his mother or father around him frequently. Make sure you give enough time and attention, while he is having his meal, doing his homework and involved in his activities.

Even when watching cartoons or any TV programs, accompany him so that you can help point out the good and educational progrms.

ADHD Diet + Parenting Skills = Results

A proper diet is also critical for children with ADHD. In addition to this, one of the most effective ways to reduce the out of control behavior that is often associated with with this disorder is by developing new parenting skills.

These children are often masters at manipulation and other forms of controlling behavior. Many parents have found that using new methods of building healthy relationships without relenquishing control of the home to the child can quickly bring about a turnaround in a child’s behavior.

This type of firm and loving parenting was often not modeled for us, so a program that teaches these skills is helpful. We at ADHD Child have found that the Total Transformation program teaches some of the most effective parenting skills available.

Many who have used this program have seen extemely quick changes in their child’s behavior. I encourage you to visit the Total Transformation Website to learn more about how your family can benefit from this program.

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